Free Safelist Mailer

Credit Based Safelist Advertising

Free Safelist Features


  • Free Safelist - Seriously
  • Effective Advertising
  • Auto Sending - No Waiting
  • Free Safelist Credit Jackpots
  • HTML Safelist Auto-Send
  • Responsive Safelist Marketing
  • Real World Time Tested
  • Solo Ad Contests
  • Free Credits For Joining: 100,000
  • Credits per Referral Signup: 15,000
  • Free Safelist Credits
  • Credit Jackpot Links In Every Email
  • No Safe List Send Limit
  • Exclusive Featured Ads
  • Best Safelist Customer Service
  • Sponsored Link Ad Credits: 1,000


The First "Free Credit Based Safelist". Ten Years Later Safelister Is Still The Best!

We released Safelister in 2001. Since then thousands of safe lists have launched and thousands have gone. Safelister is the best safelist and still growing strong!

Free email advertising can only be profitable if it reaches, it's reviewed and it's responded to by real people.

Ad Reach
One click and your safe list advertising is on its way and so are you, no waiting. Safelisters free safelist mailer together with our dedicated private email delivery system is super sonically fast. So don't be surprised if your ad reaches some of its recipients before the next page loads. No Bull.
Ad Review
Safelisters unique credit based safelist system gets your ad opened. To earn safe lists credits a member must open and review email safelist ads to find the credit token. During that process they could become interested in your product or service.
Ad Response
Your ad's creativeness, content and other factors will decide how successful your ad campaign will be. Well thought out elements, aspects and style of your safe list advertisement increases the likelihood of your ad campaign being successful. Gain your prospects attention with ingenuity and originality but always use clear understandable language. If you are new to free email advertising or safelists marketing study online or buy a book about online marketing to get some ideas.

At Safe lister all members can safely send their ads to the other members.

Safelister has always been and will continue to be a closed-loop opt-in (confirmed opt-in) community group safe list. Fully verified safe lists members are happy to receive your advertisement. Simply put, every Safe lister member chooses to join and verifies their email address to prove it.

  • Get more send credits by referring other free safelists members
  • Get free credits with our safelister jackpot links
  • Purchasing safe lists send credits is possible but not required
  • No credit balance limit
  • No daily send limits (depending on your credit balance)
  • One credit per intended list recipient
  • You choose how many or few to use
  • Credit use history reporting
  • Vacation Setting

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